Road Map

  • 1. 22nd - 26th October 2021
    Update of the National Voters Register
  • 2. 26th October 2021
    Cut-off date for registration of voters and transfer of voting location in affected electoral areas
  • 3. 29th - 30th October
    Recruitment of officials to conduct Display of the voters register
  • 4. 1st - 8th November
    Display of lists of recruited Display officials at the Office of the District Returning Officer & respective subcounty headquarters
  • 5. 3rd - 4th November
    Training of Display officers, VLS Officials, Supervisors and issuance of appointment letters
  • 6. 8th - 17th November
    Display of Voter's Register at Polling stations in the affected areas and Issuance of Voter Location Slips (VLS) by Parish supervisors
  • 7. 18th - 23rd November
    Display of Parish Tribunal Recommendations for deletion from or Inclusion on the Register at the Parish/Ward Headquaters
  • 8. 29th - 30th November
    Nomination of candidates at respective district headquaters
  • 9. 1st - 6th December
    Period for inspection of candidates' nomination papers and lodging complaints
  • 10. 1st December
    Returning Officer's Meeting with candidates to harmonise campaign programs and formation of Liaison Committees
  • 11. 2nd - 14th December
  • 12. 2nd - 3rd December
    Recruitment of polling day officials (includes written interview)
  • 13. 2nd - 3rd December
    Production and issuance of accrediation tags to political parties and organisations and accredited observers
  • 14. 6th - 13th December
    Display of names of polling day officials for inspection of Office of the District Returning Officer and Subcounty Headquaters
  • 15. 9th - 10th December
    Training of Polling day officials, Tally Clerks, Candidates' agents and issuance of appointment letters
  • 16. 15th December
    Polling Day and Talling of results for SIGs Elections
  • 17. 16th December
    Polling Day and Tallying of results for Elections of District Chairperson (Kayunga) & other Local government Councils